• Barriers To Learning II

    Advanced workshop focusing on specific disorders in the classroom

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  • Prevention and Management of Learner Agression

    An Afternoon workshop for: Educators, social workers, support staff and psychologists

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  • Trauma In The School Evironment

    A workshop for educators, school based support team members and support staff

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  • Self Defence Training For Educators

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  • Contextual Therapy Workshop

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  • Barriers To Learning - The Non-verbal Behavioural Indicator

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  • Topics For 2017

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  • Broken Window Workshop

    A workshop to help understand and improve the management of learner behaviour by implementing the "Broken Window" approach to discipline

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  • Disorders And Barriers In The Classroom

    Early identification, referral and classroom management of disorders and barriers to learning manual including an electronic copy

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  • Conflict Managment In The School Environment

    An essential workshop for all management and staff who may deal with conflict and confrontation on a daily basis, be it with parents, SGBs, management, staff or school neighbours.

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"Eye on the child", "Eye on the teen" - A safety and protection manual

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